This year, members and visitors will be playing a totally revised golf course, which will include two brand-new, professionally designed and built Par 4 holes. The planned opening date is 1st August 2018 although keep an eye out for future newsletters for more information on this as we are subject to the vagaries of the British weather.

For anybody who knows or has already played Skipton, you will be aware of some of the stunning holes that already exist. Our very own “Amen Corner” – the 14th, 15th and 16th – have been long recognised as three of the best holes in Northern golf.

Well, you can take it on good authority that the two new holes to be opened this year are already being classed as the best on the course. You can imagine, then, just how excited our members are about the August opening!

But, we have more – far more –than the new holes to look forward to, because this work has allowed us to undertake a total redesign of the course layout, which will see our existing short Par 3 opening hole turned into a short game practice facility and our existing Par 5 second hole become the new first.

Other changes for the better are almost too numerous to mention, but include new and extended tee beds, totally new greens on both 15 and 17, and significant drainage and landscaping work completed across large parts of the course.

The new layout will continue the tradition of Skipton offering a challenging and enjoyable course to golfers of all abilities, while at the same time providing golfers with some of the most stunning views of any golf course in the UK. For readers who know the course, you really need to come and experience the views that the two new holes will offer. They are truly amazing.

Oh! And a final point to highlight about the course changes, and one of which we are extremely proud, is that we will be one of only a few golf clubs in the UK to offer gender-free tees, allowing a more flexible approach to golf, whether it be competitive or social.