Darren Hargreaves, celebrating 30 years as deputy head green keeper at Skipton Golf Club, is pictured on the 18th green.

Darren Hargreaves has clocked up a 30-year milestone as deputy head greenkeeper at Skipton Golf Club.

Darren has been involved in golf as an occupation virtually since leaving Greenhead Grammar School in Keighley, though he first dabbled with a course in engineering. “However, I soon realised it wasn’t for me as no way did I want to be tied to a bench all my life,” he said.

He teed up a lifetime career in golf via an 18-month Youth Training Scheme at Riddlesden Golf Club, before becoming a greenkeeper at Chorley Golf Club in 1984, following his parents who had moved to live across the border.

Keen to return nearer to his roots, Darren was appointed deputy head greenkeeper at Skipton in 1990 and over the past three decades has been involved in all aspects of course management, maintenance and ongoing improvements.

In fact, he and head greenkeeper Ian Brown have between them been responsible for keeping the course in peak condition during the Covid-19 lockdown and while both say it’s allowed them to crack on with the ongoing work still required by not having to break off while golfers take their shots, it’s great to see people playing again.

Mr Brown said: “Darren is a highly experienced and a key member of the team. He also has a great sense of humour, which makes him popular with the other greenkeepers. He’s a real attribute to both course and club.”

Since play resumed, congratulations on Darren’s 30-year landmark have been flowing in from many members, with the golf club’s board also planning to mark his achievement.

Darren himself enjoys a game of golf. He first started playing at Riddlesden, where he now lives, winning a major club trophy there as a 15-year-old, and still enjoys the occasional round. He said he planned to play more often when he retires – hopefully in five years time when he turns 60.