Skipton Flood Alleviation Scheme

Skipton Golf Club launches new-look course

Skipton Golf Club opened its newly remodelled and extended 18-hole course on schedule at the beginning of August. On a busy launch weekend, a 12 hole stableford competition from the white tees and with a shotgun start was staged on the Friday evening and was fully subscribed. It formed part of a celebratory opening event for members. The following day, 104 golfers competed in the annual President’s Day stableford competition, the first over the full 18 holes. Ben Topper topped Division 1 with 42 points and a gross of 72, which currently stands as a new course record! Heading Division 2 with 35 points was Oliver Wild. “The weather was perfect and the new course received very favourable comment. In fact, both events proved a resounding success,” said club president Jonathan White. The remodelled course at Skipton, completed during the club’s landmark 125th anniversary year, incorporates two new par 4 holes and a brand-new raised 17th green. Many other improvements and enhancements all around the course include new tee beds and bunkers constructed by local contractor Oliver Sugden, of Sugden Amenities. Major redevelopment work at the golf club was necessitated by the Environment Agency’s Flood Alleviation Scheme for Skipton. It has involved a significant investment, which has been funded by the Agency’s compensation agreement.

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Skipton Golf Club set to unveil new-look course

Skipton Golf Club is teeing up for the much anticipated launch of its newly remodelled 18-hole course on August 1. The club is this year celebrating its milestone 125th anniversary and the opening of the new-look course represents one of the single most important landmarks in Skipton’s long and proud history. A celebratory opening event for members is planned for Friday, August 3, with the President’s Day taking place the following day. An Open Event for visitors will follow shortly afterwards at a date to be determined. Work is now complete on two brand-new par 4 holes, which will significantly add to the appeal of the well-known golf course, which stands in an area of outstanding scenic beauty just off the A59 on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales market town. The new course continues to offer challenges to all standards of golfers. It becomes a par 71 with three par 3s, 13 par 4s and two par 5s. In addition, the planned introduction of gender-free tees will allow players of all abilities to challenge themselves at their own level. Major redevelopment work, involving significant investment, has been necessitated by the Environment Agency’s Flood Alleviation Scheme for Skipton. It has been funded by the Agency’s compensation agreement. Already in place and well established are a remodelled and enhanced 15th green and an extended 9th hole, now a par 5 following the construction of a new tee. Further work has been completed to improve sight lines on the signature par 3 16th green, which, along with the enhanced 15th, represents Skipton’s very own ‘Amen Corner’- two holes running alongside Eller Beck demanding both accuracy and a steady nerve! Other improvements include a brand-new raised 17th [...]

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The Course Was Already Excellent. It’s Going To Be Even Better!

This year, members and visitors will be playing a totally revised golf course, which will include two brand-new, professionally designed and built Par 4 holes. The planned opening date is 1st August 2018 although keep an eye out for future newsletters for more information on this as we are subject to the vagaries of the British weather. For anybody who knows or has already played Skipton, you will be aware of some of the stunning holes that already exist. Our very own “Amen Corner” - the 14th, 15th and 16th - have been long recognised as three of the best holes in Northern golf. Well, you can take it on good authority that the two new holes to be opened this year are already being classed as the best on the course. You can imagine, then, just how excited our members are about the August opening! But, we have more – far more –than the new holes to look forward to, because this work has allowed us to undertake a total redesign of the course layout, which will see our existing short Par 3 opening hole turned into a short game practice facility and our existing Par 5 second hole become the new first. Other changes for the better are almost too numerous to mention, but include new and extended tee beds, totally new greens on both 15 and 17, and significant drainage and landscaping work completed across large parts of the course. The new layout will continue the tradition of Skipton offering a challenging and enjoyable course to golfers of all abilities, while at the same time providing golfers with some of the most stunning views of any golf course in the UK. [...]

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Course improvement update and Environment Agency project

The development of the course has continued at a pace since the last update and lots of changes can be seen on the course. The cutting and preliminary shaping of the new holes is now virtually complete. A considerable quantity of earth has been moved, the tee and green areas have been roughly formed and the bunker locations marked with white flags. The large mounds of earth are harvested topsoil, to be re-spread following drainage installation, which is planned to start this week. The small red flags indicate the lines of the water mains which cross the area. Construction work on the new 17th green and 18th tee will be started this week by our contractors, MJ Abbott. The metal fencing around the site will be removed, to be replaced by posts and ropes, to enable the old and new ground to be blended together. The new 9th tee is now open and the hole has become a par 5. We have already received many favourable comments from members and visitors and we hope to hear more as we tidy the area in front of the tee and build a permanent path from the 8th green. The fairway has been cut wider to the left and it is still to be determined whether to retain the fairway bunker, relocate it or do other ‘protection’ work around the greens. Any views on this would be well received and considered. Despite the efforts of the local rabbits, furry type not golfers, the new 15th green is settling in well after some regular watering and fertilizer application. It will be brought back into play when a sufficiently good putting surface is achieved. After the new buggy/footpath to [...]

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Course improvement update and Environment Agency Project

 10th January 2017 Happy New Year to all our visitors, friends and members. Since the last update on the 4th December, 2016, progress has been limited by the weather and the closure of the EA construction site for over 2 weeks. However, we have continued to make progress towards our goal of significantly improving Skipton Golf Course for the benefit of our valued visitors and members. Our contractors anticipate a March start to work on the new 17th green and surround and will shape the approach to it to tie in with the existing 17th fairway. The current 17th green will continue to be used until the new 17th green is fit for play, hopefully by spring 2018. At the same time work will be undertaken to construct the new 18th ‘competition’ tee. We are currently investigating the possibility of widening the 18th fairway by some 15 metres into the area currently occupied by the EA compound to extend the landing area from the new 18th tee. The 4 new bridges have now been constructed and the old bridges removed. Following negotiations with the EA and contractors to ensure that the bridges look more in keeping with a golf course than a public highway, these will now have a 600mm high wooden post and hand rail fitted to a the top of the concrete up stand, giving a total height of 900mm above the bridge deck When this work is nearing completion, we will lay some of the recently acquired Astroturf on the concrete bridge deck and trial it for safety, suitability and aesthetic appearance. The disturbed ground around the bridges and from the pond on the 15th to the bridge near Brackenley Lane will [...]

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Skipton Flood Alleviation Scheme – December Update

As the completed embankment begins to turn green, with early signs of grass growth, we have entered an exciting period at Skipton Golf Club. We have capitalised on the Environment Agency’s work to replace our four bridges by starting work on our drainage and Tee Improvement Plan. 15th green redevelopment works A considerable amount of work has taken place on the course recently in a relatively short space of time. The bridge to the 15th green is being replaced by the EA, so we decided to close the 15th and 16th holes due to lack of satisfactorily safe access. This provided an opportunity for us to undertake major works to the 15th green, the embankment to the right of the 16th which partially obstructed the view of the green and related major drainage work. The material removed from the embankment has been used effectively to raise and extend the ‘white’ 8th tee. 15th green redevelopment works The new bridge from the 14th tee to fairway is now in use along with the greenkeeper’s access bridge. The temporary safety rails will be replaced by wooden palisades and handrails to all new bridges in due course. Two new linked ponds on the 14th fairway have been dug, and will be landscaped and completed once the weather is more favourable. These will have a dual purpose of aiding drainage from the fairway as well as being an interesting and challenging new feature on the course. When the Environment Agency work in the vicinity of the 14th tee is completed the area will be restored to grass and the 14th/18th tee areas re-landscaped. A new path will be [...]

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Skipton Flood Alleviation Scheme – October Update

It's been a busy month on the works taking place adjacent to the Club on the Environment Agency's Skipton Flood Alleviation Scheme. The following points provide the main updates but note there is further information available on our dedicated page, which can be found here. The embankment is now almost at full height, with just topsoil to be added. The two mounds are topsoil waiting to be spread...not new tees ! The new tee is to be positioned just below the level of the new 17th green platform, between the green and the concrete culvert entrance. David Jones visited 21st September to finalise the new green and tee shaping and finishing with EA. The new 17th green will be shaped and finished in spring 2017. The new 9th tee is almost complete, with a back position 500yards from the centre of the green. Seeding to both areas should commence before the end of this year's growing season. MJ Abbott Ltd visited club on 28th September and confirmed work will start on new holes as soon as weather and ground conditions permit after March 2017. Meanwhile we continue to have full existing 18 holes open for play.

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