PRESS RELEASE: Skipton Golf Club to stage free open days for visitors

Free golf open days for visitors - both men and ladies - are to be staged at Skipton Golf Club to showcase the well-known course, as the club prepares to enter a ground-breaking new era in its long and proud history. Ongoing flood relief work by the Environment Agency, primarily around the former 17th hole, has been offset by an interim layout, incorporating a shortened 17th and a new par three hole, which has ensured that a full 18 holes of golf have been available at all times. Work to build two brand-new holes and extend the current 9th into a par 5 will take place off the existing course, with no disruption to play during construction. The work to lengthen the 9th is scheduled to begin soon, with the new holes starting in spring 2017. Other course improvements, including improvements to bunkers and drainage has already started. The free open days are being organised by Skipton Golf Club director Sarah Coy, who is responsible for promotions. The men’s open day takes place on Sunday, July 31, to be followed by a ladies’ open day on Monday, August 15. Sarah said: “While work on the town’s flood alleviation scheme has had a limited effect on our visitor numbers, we remain keen to spread the word that the course is fully open and in play and will continue to be so as development and improvement work continues. “We decided to stage two free open days in anticipation that people will want to come and play, and to view and learn at first hand exactly what is going on around the course - without having to pay for the privilege!” Sarah also reports that the club is introducing a three-month beginners’ trial membership for those new to golf at a cost [...]

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Open Weekend Results 2016

Seniors’ Open – Thursday 23rd June 2016 1st-P West and J West 2nd-P Turner and A Bentley 3rd T Rhodes and T Joblin 4th J Atkins and G Pitt Ladies’ Open – Friday 24th June 2016 1st - 89 Points - Christine Isherwood, Penny Davison, Lynda Hunter & Sylvia Meadows (Wilpshire GC) 2nd - 87 Points - Rebecca Larmuth, Jas Kaur, Linda Cameron & Jo Worral (Cookridge GC) 3rd - 83 Points - Pamela Hillas, Brenda Hargreaves, Maria Towland & Vicky Binns (Knaresborough GC) Men’s Open – Saturday 25th June 2016 1st  -  99 Points - Dave Bliss , Charles Barker , P Bradley , Kevin Caine ( Owston Hall) 2nd -  97 Points - C Wood , T Burns , M Lister, S Earl  (Bentham & Morecambe) Mixed Open – Sunday 26th June 2016 1st – 45 Points - Bobby Hutt , Jackie Hutt  ( Catterick ) 2nd – 42 Points (Back 9 – 23 Points) - Nigel Robinson , Julie North  ( Kendal ) 3rd -  42 Points (Back 9 – 22 Points) - Paul Miller , Rachel Miller ( Catterick )

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Men’s Team Open Results 2015

The Men's Team Open Results from 27th September 2015 are as follows: 1st J. Sykes, N.Brook, B. Sykes and O.Pullan from Castlefields GC with a score of 98 2nd G.Hanson, A.Evans, S.Crawshaw and J.McGhee from Riddlesden GC with a score of 93 3rd P. Kirtlan, S.Kirtlan, L.George and D.Keeley from Great Harwood GC with a score of 92

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Mixed Open Results 2015

Mixed Open results from Saturday 12th September are as follows: 1st  J.Oldham, H.Oldham, T.Crossley & J.Crossley  93 points 2nd  A.Brady, D.Hough, A. Macaleese & A Macaleese  93 points 3rd  S. Brown, G. Brown, P.Bowls & L.Brown  92 points

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