Ladies ‘Get Into Golf’ at Skipton GC

Our latest Get Into Golf lessons got off to a great start last week as 13 ladies took to the driving range with Professional, Ben Mallinson. It might be a winter’s evening but as you can see from the photos, there were plenty of smiles and enthusiasm. The ladies will complete an 8 week course after which they have an opportunity to join our Club on the new Academy membership. If you know of anyone else wanting to ‘Get Into Golf’, email getintogolf@skiptongolfclub.co.uk as we hope to run these sessions throughout the year.

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Get into Golf incentive to be re-launched at Skipton

As the new season gets into full swing on Skipton Golf Club’s newly remodelled and much praised course, the club is again running its highly successful ‘Get into Golf’ initiative for budding golfers of all ages and abilities keen to learn the game, yet seeking both help and inspiration to do so. The programme tees off on Thursday 2nd May at 6.30pm for ladies only or anyone at 7.45pm, and again on Sunday 5th May at 4.15pm for ladies, 5.30pm for anyone. It offers six one-hour group lessons for up to six people, the first 3 lessons at the nearby Whitehills Golf Driving Range, the following three at the club itself. The cost is just £30, with all equipment provided if required. Last year, the club recruited 12 new members from the initiative. On offer following the lessons is a special three-month membership for £100 to include two half hour individual lessons. “Members will also accompany beginners as mentors on the course as and when they are ready and more lessons can be booked with our pro. We will also provide further support via social golfing events,” explained a spokesperson. Those interested are asked to contact Skipton Golf Club’s professional Peter Robinson on 01756 795657, or email getintogolf@skiptongolfclub.co.uk

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Ladies’ Beginner Lessons

For those who have never played golf before, the thought of learning to play can seem a little daunting. There are several myths of golf that put off many people such as it’s expensive, it’s a stuffy game and it can take all day. One of the biggest myths is golf is a man’s game and this is the one we are trying to bust at Skipton Golf Club. Starting on Tuesday 4th April, we will be running a 4 week course of beginner lessons for ladies for just £20. The lessons will be at 6.30pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and all equipment will be provided. Ladies don’t need to be able to come the same day every week, all they need to do is let us know when they’d like to come and then turn up wearing warm comfy clothes and shoes. If you know of someone who is interested, ask them to contact Peter, our resident Professional on 01756 795657 option 3 or email Simon at enquiries@skiptongolfclub.co.uk.

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