We are open to visitors!

After trialling the opening of the golf course to members over the last couple of weeks, we are pleased to announce that we are now opening to visitors. The course is in fabulous condition thanks to our greenkeepers, Ian and Darren and we would recommend you come and visit us soon. We ask that you follow the following rules carefully to ensure everyone’s safety at the club. 1. All golfers must play in 2 balls only. 2. Visitors must book and pay online. Access to the course will not be allowed unless pre-booked. 3. Dates are available up to 4 days in advance. 4. All golfers must adhere to the England Golf ‘Play Safe’ guidelines. We hope to be able to give further guidance on our upcoming Opens shortly. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our website, for further information.

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Skipton Golf Club launches new-look course

Skipton Golf Club opened its newly remodelled and extended 18-hole course on schedule at the beginning of August. On a busy launch weekend, a 12 hole stableford competition from the white tees and with a shotgun start was staged on the Friday evening and was fully subscribed. It formed part of a celebratory opening event for members. The following day, 104 golfers competed in the annual President’s Day stableford competition, the first over the full 18 holes. Ben Topper topped Division 1 with 42 points and a gross of 72, which currently stands as a new course record! Heading Division 2 with 35 points was Oliver Wild. “The weather was perfect and the new course received very favourable comment. In fact, both events proved a resounding success,” said club president Jonathan White. The remodelled course at Skipton, completed during the club’s landmark 125th anniversary year, incorporates two new par 4 holes and a brand-new raised 17th green. Many other improvements and enhancements all around the course include new tee beds and bunkers constructed by local contractor Oliver Sugden, of Sugden Amenities. Major redevelopment work at the golf club was necessitated by the Environment Agency’s Flood Alleviation Scheme for Skipton. It has involved a significant investment, which has been funded by the Agency’s compensation agreement.

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Skipton Golf Club set to unveil new-look course

Skipton Golf Club is teeing up for the much anticipated launch of its newly remodelled 18-hole course on August 1. The club is this year celebrating its milestone 125th anniversary and the opening of the new-look course represents one of the single most important landmarks in Skipton’s long and proud history. A celebratory opening event for members is planned for Friday, August 3, with the President’s Day taking place the following day. An Open Event for visitors will follow shortly afterwards at a date to be determined. Work is now complete on two brand-new par 4 holes, which will significantly add to the appeal of the well-known golf course, which stands in an area of outstanding scenic beauty just off the A59 on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales market town. The new course continues to offer challenges to all standards of golfers. It becomes a par 71 with three par 3s, 13 par 4s and two par 5s. In addition, the planned introduction of gender-free tees will allow players of all abilities to challenge themselves at their own level. Major redevelopment work, involving significant investment, has been necessitated by the Environment Agency’s Flood Alleviation Scheme for Skipton. It has been funded by the Agency’s compensation agreement. Already in place and well established are a remodelled and enhanced 15th green and an extended 9th hole, now a par 5 following the construction of a new tee. Further work has been completed to improve sight lines on the signature par 3 16th green, which, along with the enhanced 15th, represents Skipton’s very own ‘Amen Corner’- two holes running alongside Eller Beck demanding both accuracy and a steady nerve! Other improvements include a brand-new raised 17th [...]

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The Course Was Already Excellent. It’s Going To Be Even Better!

This year, members and visitors will be playing a totally revised golf course, which will include two brand-new, professionally designed and built Par 4 holes. The planned opening date is 1st August 2018 although keep an eye out for future newsletters for more information on this as we are subject to the vagaries of the British weather. For anybody who knows or has already played Skipton, you will be aware of some of the stunning holes that already exist. Our very own “Amen Corner” - the 14th, 15th and 16th - have been long recognised as three of the best holes in Northern golf. Well, you can take it on good authority that the two new holes to be opened this year are already being classed as the best on the course. You can imagine, then, just how excited our members are about the August opening! But, we have more – far more –than the new holes to look forward to, because this work has allowed us to undertake a total redesign of the course layout, which will see our existing short Par 3 opening hole turned into a short game practice facility and our existing Par 5 second hole become the new first. Other changes for the better are almost too numerous to mention, but include new and extended tee beds, totally new greens on both 15 and 17, and significant drainage and landscaping work completed across large parts of the course. The new layout will continue the tradition of Skipton offering a challenging and enjoyable course to golfers of all abilities, while at the same time providing golfers with some of the most stunning views of any golf course in the UK. [...]

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Don’t anyone say it’s quiet at Skipton Golf Club!

Winter is over or at least that is what they tell me in mid-April as I look out on grey skies and hear the gas boiler firing up continuously to combat the relentless cool temperatures! Ah, but I have it on good authority that warm weather is on the way and on the basis of that reassurance, it is time to come out of hibernation and return to my “Musings” for the 2018 season. We look back on what has been one of our worst Winters for many years and my sympathies go out to all our Greens Staff who have faced relentless cold, wet weather whilst trying to get all those jobs done that had been deferred to the off-season! They deserve a medal and let’s hope that their suffering of the last few months can be compensated with a warm Spring and a hot Summer. We certainly deserve them after the disappointments of the last few years. Refurbishment Despite all this, things have been moving apace at Skipton, particularly with the refurbishment of the Clubhouse which has given it a fresh and very modern look. It has been quite a challenge but thanks to the efforts of a small number of people we now enjoy a facility which is a delight to use and which is already resulting in increased bookings for weddings, parties and social events. Another improvement to the Club has been the conversion of the old snooker room to a meeting and conference facility. Full details of The Dales Room can be found on the Club’s website and even though it is a recent improvement, it is proving extremely popular with local businesses with bookings increasing month [...]

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Unveiling the new 15th green

Skipton Golf Club has opened its remodelled and enhanced 15th green, the first stage in a complete transformation of the course. The project represents one of the single most important developments in the long history of the well-known club, which was founded in 1893. Work is on schedule to be completed next summer during Skipton Golf Club’s landmark 125th anniversary year. The current 15th green was temporarily rendered inaccessible during the construction of four replacement bridges under the Environment Agency’s Flood Alleviation Scheme for Skipton. Club Chairman Michael Hirst explained: “However, the golf club seized this opportunity, taking the bold decision to invest over £15,000 in a complete rebuild of the green and surrounds last autumn. “Members are now enjoying testing their putting skills on the larger, well-drained green, which has been raised by a metre in height, providing an enhanced view from the fairway across Eller Beck.” Over this summer, a significant amount of improvement work to drainage, greens and pathways has been carried out at Skipton and a spacious and modern new green keepers’ building has been constructed. Next season will see a complete re-routing of the existing course to incorporate two new recently constructed par 4 holes, designed by top designer David Jones and built by leading golf course constructors MJ Abbott, who together with Ryder Cup Captain, Paul McGinley, were responsible for the much acclaimed recent renovation of the bunkers at Wentworth A target date of August, 2018, has been set for the opening of two new holes. Mr Hirst commented: “This is an exciting time at Skipton Golf Club. The financial settlement agreed with the Environment Agency has enabled us to continue to provide a full 18 holes throughout [...]

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Skipton Golf Club – not just a golf course!

It’s interesting that when you join a golf club your focus is primarily on your golf game and the challenge of reducing your handicap. Perhaps even dreaming of single figures! However, after spending time with Skipton member Pam Boulton, my next round will have a slightly different perspective because it appears we don’t just have a fantastic course, we have a magnificent nature reserve as well. Pam is a keen golfer but an even more avid bird and wild life watcher and has travelled to many parts of the world in pursuit of this passion. I did ask which had been the stand out trip to date and without hesitation she replied the Galapagos Islands, which also happens to be the haunt of her favourite bird, the blue footed booby. Kestrel Now you won’t spy too many of this particular bird around our beautiful moorland course, but what you might see is a variety of species that is full of surprises. Our logo at Skipton Golf Club is the kestrel, it features on our website and much of our publicity material and is a common site around the course, hunting its prey. Less common but spotted regularly are buzzards, red kites, wax wings, tree creepers and red wing. This is but a very small sample of what can be seen. In 2011, Pam instigated a Nature Watch asking members to report sightings around the course. From that activity alone, 28 different birds were reported including the very elusive and beautiful kingfisher and a harris hawk which had escaped from captivity locally and discovered a lovely place to roost on one of our holes. It did eventually give itself up having enjoyed a [...]

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Course improvement update and Environment Agency project

The development of the course has continued at a pace since the last update and lots of changes can be seen on the course. The cutting and preliminary shaping of the new holes is now virtually complete. A considerable quantity of earth has been moved, the tee and green areas have been roughly formed and the bunker locations marked with white flags. The large mounds of earth are harvested topsoil, to be re-spread following drainage installation, which is planned to start this week. The small red flags indicate the lines of the water mains which cross the area. Construction work on the new 17th green and 18th tee will be started this week by our contractors, MJ Abbott. The metal fencing around the site will be removed, to be replaced by posts and ropes, to enable the old and new ground to be blended together. The new 9th tee is now open and the hole has become a par 5. We have already received many favourable comments from members and visitors and we hope to hear more as we tidy the area in front of the tee and build a permanent path from the 8th green. The fairway has been cut wider to the left and it is still to be determined whether to retain the fairway bunker, relocate it or do other ‘protection’ work around the greens. Any views on this would be well received and considered. Despite the efforts of the local rabbits, furry type not golfers, the new 15th green is settling in well after some regular watering and fertilizer application. It will be brought back into play when a sufficiently good putting surface is achieved. After the new buggy/footpath to [...]

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Stunning Skipton

Signature 16th Stunning Skipton. This is the verdict of Alan Hedley in the latest issue of Northern Golfer Magazine. Alan played the course very recently and was captivated by many aspects including Eller Beck which meanders through the back nine and comes into play on the three holes of the Club’s very own “Amen Corner”. He commented, “it is a tribute to the club that it has maintained an excellent 18 hole layout while work on a flood defence scheme has been ongoing and there are exciting plans to improve the course”. The very comprehensive article goes into great detail about the golf club, its course and facilities and Alan’s final comment was “a really fine test of golf in lovely surroundings and a joy to play”. To read this comprehensive and hugely complementary article, please click on the following link: http://www.northerngolfer.co.uk/stunning-skipton/

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18 excellent holes in play with no disruption

During flood relief work around our former 17th hole, our new interim course layout, designed by professional course designer, David Jones, is now in use. We continue to provide 18 excellent golfing holes at all times. The Environment Agency access their site from a newly constructed roadway from the Skipton bypass and there is no disruption to the course. The work to build two exciting ‘brand new’ holes and extend the current 9th into a par 5 will take place off the existing course, with no disruption to play during construction. Our full membership rate of £790 has been frozen for 3 years and brings with it many benefits including free golf exchanges at our 4 ‘partner clubs’, free public liability insurance within the UK and of a purpose built Clubhouse, providing high quality catering and bar services to members and visitors, whilst also generating income as one of the best Private Function venues in the area. Membership subscriptions run from April to March each year, but those joining part way through the year pay less than the full subscription for that year. Contact us for details. Skipton Golf Club Ltd is debt free, which guarantees a successful, secure and sustainable future for its loyal and committed members. The financial settlement successfully negotiated with the Environment Agency will enable us to fund our proposed improvements to the course and practice facilities, releasing Club funds to be used for further clubhouse developments. In short, Skipton Golf Club, is entering one of the most exciting phases of its long and illustrious history, which will deliver many benefits and rewards to its loyal, current and future members and enhance the experience of the many visitors we welcome each [...]

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