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Don’t anyone say it’s quiet at Skipton Golf Club!

Winter is over or at least that is what they tell me in mid-April as I look out on grey skies and hear the gas boiler firing up continuously to combat the relentless cool temperatures! Ah, but I have it on good authority that warm weather is on the way and on the basis of that reassurance, it is time to come out of hibernation and return to my “Musings” for the 2018 season. We look back on what has been one of our worst Winters for many years and my sympathies go out to all our Greens Staff who have faced relentless cold, wet weather whilst trying to get all those jobs done that had been deferred to the off-season! They deserve a medal and let’s hope that their suffering of the last few months can be compensated with a warm Spring and a hot Summer. We certainly deserve them after the disappointments of the last few years. Refurbishment Despite all this, things have been moving apace at Skipton, particularly with the refurbishment of the Clubhouse which has given it a fresh and very modern look. It has been quite a challenge but thanks to the efforts of a small number of people we now enjoy a facility which is a delight to use and which is already resulting in increased bookings for weddings, parties and social events. Another improvement to the Club has been the conversion of the old snooker room to a meeting and conference facility. Full details of The Dales Room can be found on the Club’s website and even though it is a recent improvement, it is proving extremely popular with local businesses with bookings increasing month [...]

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Musings of our new resident blogger – “A time for reflection”

I pen this item mid-way across the Atlantic on a 9 hour flight to Seattle - I always find that sitting quietly on an aircraft provides me with the opportunity to contemplate the "meaning of life" or on this particular occasion, "what's happening to golf?” I'm not sure that right now at grass roots level, it's in the desperate state that the more pessimistic would have us believe. However, I do feel that it is somewhere on the slippery slope and that at Club level it needs to take a long hard look at itself. In our own case, we have been blessed with a considerable infusion of Environmental Agency monies following our agreement to help alleviate a long-standing flood issue in Skipton (click here to read more) but whilst this may have provided valuable funds, it also allowed our competitors to spread “Fake News” by suggesting that we weren’t offering an 18 hole golf course to members and visitors alike. Actually, we have never offered anything but 18 holes and with the course development now undertaken and maturing rapidly, we believe that we will be providing in the future, one of the finest golf courses in the North of England. Record crowds For us at Skipton Golf Club or any other club for that matter, a “windfall” could be a recipe for complacency but as anyone should know, complacency can also lead to disaster.  We are confident that this won’t happen at Skipton. Strangely, at a Professional level, the game has never seen so much prize money available as there is right now.  Consider a $10 million bonus for the winner of the FedEx series in America.  It's a touch obscene and yet [...]

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Skipton Golf Club – not just a golf course!

It’s interesting that when you join a golf club your focus is primarily on your golf game and the challenge of reducing your handicap. Perhaps even dreaming of single figures! However, after spending time with Skipton member Pam Boulton, my next round will have a slightly different perspective because it appears we don’t just have a fantastic course, we have a magnificent nature reserve as well. Pam is a keen golfer but an even more avid bird and wild life watcher and has travelled to many parts of the world in pursuit of this passion. I did ask which had been the stand out trip to date and without hesitation she replied the Galapagos Islands, which also happens to be the haunt of her favourite bird, the blue footed booby. Kestrel Now you won’t spy too many of this particular bird around our beautiful moorland course, but what you might see is a variety of species that is full of surprises. Our logo at Skipton Golf Club is the kestrel, it features on our website and much of our publicity material and is a common site around the course, hunting its prey. Less common but spotted regularly are buzzards, red kites, wax wings, tree creepers and red wing. This is but a very small sample of what can be seen. In 2011, Pam instigated a Nature Watch asking members to report sightings around the course. From that activity alone, 28 different birds were reported including the very elusive and beautiful kingfisher and a harris hawk which had escaped from captivity locally and discovered a lovely place to roost on one of our holes. It did eventually give itself up having enjoyed a [...]

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